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Mustang Club of Indianapolis
March outing: MCI Bowling!
Sunset Bowl at 1PM, Saturday March 2nd

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​​The Mustang Club of Indianapolis was founded with the purpose of encouraging the preservation, and the enjoyment of the Ford Mustang.

Mustang Club of Indianapolis
February outing: MCI Annual Chili Cookoff
Belzer Boy Scout Camp Feb. 2nd at 1PM
We will be collecting blankets for Riley at the cookoff. (Or anytime !) Pre-made small rolled fleece blankets and homemade fleece are acceptable. The rolled blankets sell at Walmart for around $2.50.

♦ Exchange of information on obtaining cars, parts, and reputable service.
♦ Communication networks for sellers and buyers.
♦ Members may advertise for free in the club's newsletter.
♦ Enjoy discounts given to members by certain businesses.
♦ Monthly newsletter listing the activities for this and other clubs, car shows, updated information on the administration of the club, and technical articles.
♦ Monthly meetings and outings.
​♦ Each membership is a family membership. The entire family can enjoy the activities and benefits offered.
​♦ Support from other members on restorations, technical problems, and caravans to other events.​

Our membership meeting is held the first Thursday of each month at Belzer Boy Scout Camp located at 6102 Boy Scout Rd. Indianapolis, IN 46226.

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